Snow Plowing

Our crews are properly trained in moving snow to the proper pre-determined locations on site, the proper clearing of loading dock, dumpsters, handicap spaces, fire hydrants, and allowing for safe constant vehicle access during and after all weather events. READ MORE

Sidewalk Clearing

Sidewalk clearing is a critical element to any snow management program.  Our crews are properly trained in the necessary approach and safety protocols in order to keep your location accessible and safe for all pedestrian traffic. READ MORE

Equipment Strategy

J&A Snow Services is constantly in the market place searching for only the best solutions for our customers in regards to equipment sourcing.  We work with the most recognized brands in the industry to achieve this goal. READ MORE

Portfolio Management

J&A Snow services specializes in portfolio management.  With our network of strategic alliance partnerships, we have the ability to cover a larger geographic footprint that our competitors. READ MORE

Salting & De-icing

Once the snow has been cleared from all surfaces, we will use a combination of sodium chloride (rock salt) and calcium chloride to keep surfaces from re-freezing and creating hazardous walking/driving conditions. READ MORE

Snow Removal & Relocation

J&A Snow Services is prepared when needed to implement snow removal and relocation protocols when required due to an over abundance of snow at your location.  We have the capability to not only relocate snow on your property, but also to physically remove it when required. READ MORE

Tiered Pricing Options

J&A Snow Services offers several customized pricing packages in order to properly sync with your budgetary requirements and site specifications. We offer by the inch, seasonal with a cap, and/or unlimited pricing packages for your review. READ MORE

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